Applications for funding

Which projects are eligible for support by Overal?

READ THIS FIRST: Please make your application by E-mail, include relevant links, attachments, references etc., and direct it to , “attention of BUP”. Also, we insist that you have a CONTACT /REFERENCE IN THE NETHERLANDS who we can speak to, who knows the project and the situation and who can vouch for the information you send to us. Please include name, (email-) adress and/or telephone number of such a person in your application. Applications without this information will not be taken into consideration. Preferably use our APPLICATION FORM (click to download). NOTE: Please do not mistake us for a global or international NGO. We are a small thrift store (second hand shop) in the Netherlands, run by volunteers, and we donate our proceeds to several small scale projects each year. Every few weeks some of our volunteers get together to assess which of the (hundreds of) applications we can support. So it could take a while before we can send you an answer.
We have limited funds and we support groups of (mostly the poorer/poorest) people who have good ideas on how to improve their chances in life but no money to get started.

Stichting Overal supports small-scale projects of political, social, cultural and/or economic nature.

These projects have to:

  • contribute to a sustainable improvement of self-reliance of disadvantaged groups;
  • have been initiated within these groups themselves;
  • not exclude people on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • (NOTE: we support organisations or groups, not individuals)

Within these criteria, we favor projects that:

  • have an educational and/or emancipatory goal
  • are not too large in size (compatible with our own size: we are only a small organization and can, in general, donate maximal sums of 5 to 10.000 Euro, in rare cases some more)

We expect the applicants to:

  • (of course) provide us with valid, explicit and full information regarding the project
  • provide us with the material to publish about the project (e.g. photo’s, newspaper articles, links to relevant internet-information etc.: we want to be able to inform our public and our volunteer workers about our donations. (Format and content of this publishing material is decided upon in mutual agreement)

How do we assess an application for funding:

The applications for funding are assessed by Overal itself and under the responsibility of Overal itself. We reserve the right to ask third-party information or -references.